Non-Invasive Lipo (Ultrasonic Cavitation) & Laser Lipo

Ultrasonic cavitation and Laser Lipo are advanced methods of treatment that are designed to target and breakdown fat cells. Ultrasonic cavitation uses sound waves to penetrate deep below the dermis and remove those stubborn fat deposits. Laser Lipo works very similar to this same process  using low level laser frequency to breakdown fat cells and is great for targeting very specific areas.  The cells are then metabolized and removed naturally from the body via the body’s natural filtration system.{lymphatic system} It is pain free and in a matter of a few days , the body will gradually eliminate the damaged fat cells. Most clients begin to see visible results after three sessions and optimal results after eight to twelve sessions. {Results aren’t typical and depend on one’s body type and body goals}


Treatment Areas: Stomach, Back, Arms, Thighs                                           *Minimum 3-6 Sessions Recommended. Consultation Required

 RF Skin Tightening

Radio frequency skin tightening is a technique that uses RF energy to heat the tissues and stimulate sub dermal collagen production. This process reduces the appearance of fine lines and assists in tightening loose skin.

Treatment Areas: Stomach, Back, Arms, Thighs

*Minimum 6 Sessions Recommended. Consultation Required.

Wood Therapy

Wood Therapy comes before EVERY procedure but can be performed on its own. Wood Therapy is an ancient Chinese technique created for healing, this technique then was introduced to South America (Brazil, Columbia etc.) where they created body contouring with these wooden tools. This therapy helps overall health, contours the body, reduces cellulite and helps with weight loss. These instruments allow highly targeted pressure to be applied that intensifies the breakdown of fat and cellulite so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins.

*Benefits: Contours the body, stimulates lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins,speeds metabolism, breaks down cellulite and burns fat.

*Treatment Area: Stomach, Back, Arms, Thighs *Consultation Required

 Detox Sauna Blanket

The infrared sauna blanket allows clients to burn 900-1800 calories instantly while relaxing! During this treatment, the body will use energy to produce sweat causing an increased metabolic rate therefore making the detox sauna bag an excellent tool in assisting with weight loss. The infrared heat travels 2-3 inches deep into the body’s muscles and tissues relieving muscle tension, joint pain and improving circulation. This treatment is also effective in removing toxins, heavy metals and can be beneficial in improving acne. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after only 1 session.

*Consultation Required

Vacuum Therapy-Cellulite Reduction, Butt lift & Shaping

The Butt Lift involves restoring and increasing buttocks volume with your own fat so that you can eliminate a sagging behind, add shape, volume and achieve results without any risk or expense of surgery. This is the most effective way to enhance your buttocks, sculpt your hips and eliminate cellulite using the latest non-surgical breakthrough in body contouring. Vacuum Therapy lifts the buttocks, stimulates the muscles, breaks down cellulite and fat deposits and  mobilizes the fat permanently. The swelling from the cups are only temporary but the lift from the procedure stays.

*Benefits: Lifts the buttocks 70% per session, instant results, results are permanent, improves blood circulation, excellent for cellulite, tightens and tones skin and enhanced body tone and shape. NO SURGERY, NO PAIN, NO DOWN TIME, NO ANESTHETIC, NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!

*Treatment Area: Thighs, Buttocks, Hips

*Minimum 6-8 Sessions Recommended. Consultation Required

 Sculptice Body Sculpting (New Organic way of Contouring the Body)

ShanKi Sculpt Ice is applied on the body in a frozen state. The product encourages the body’s natural process of Cold induced Thermogenesis, whereby fat cells are burned in order to raise body temperature back to its normal state. Toxins are then expelled naturally through the body.  The unique combination of selected herbs, clays and rich essential oils are formulated to rejuvenate the skin and body. The natural detoxifying slimming red clay with infused herbs such as green tea, lavender and a combination of 20 herbs help to detoxify and slim the body. NO chemicals are used, only natural herbs, clays and essential oils.

*Treatment Areas: Stomach, Back, Arms, Thighs *Can be done 3 times per week for visible results each time.*Consultation Required*   Benefits include increased metabolism, contours the body, breaks down cellulite, relaxes muscles, stimulates blood flow, burns energy, tightens and tones skin.



V-Steaming (Yoni Steaming)

This practice brings a reconnection to the female body and to the wisdom of plant medicine. It is an opportunity for women to celebrate and cherish their bodies, and learn to enjoy our wombs as the beautiful, sacred center from which we radiate our capacity to change the world. Yoni steaming is also about women taking back ownership of our personal health, and utilizing our intuition, as well as gifts from the Earth to support and nourish our well-being. A V-steam works by applying gentle heat as well as moisture that carries medicinal plant oils to the exterior tissues of the vagina. These tissues are very porous and absorbent, allowing the bloodstream to pick up the medicinal oils and carry them into the inner reproductive system, including the uterus. There, they work to help the uterus cleanse and release what is built up on its lining, ensuring that the next cycle is easy and pain free, helping an egg to implant and reducing other uterine abnormalities. This is also about trusting the wisdom of generations of women, elevating their perspectives as not only valid but integral to our health.

*Involves placing a pot of hot water and aromatic herbs under a seat with an opening in it, disrobing from the waist down and sitting over the steam for 30 minutes while it gently permeates the skin.

*Benefits are reduction in menstrual pain and flow, regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles, increase fertility, speeds healing and toning after childbirth, assists in healing hemorrhoids, ease symptoms of menopause including dryness and painful intercourse, helps maintain healthy odor, detoxify the womb and MANY more!



 Shanki Signature Facial and SculptIce Facial Sculpting

SculptIce Facial Sculpting is a signature facial treatment using a combination of wood therapy and ice therapy.  This treatment cleanses the skin, sculpts the face/neck,  promotes your lymphatic system, tones and stretch facial muscles giving you a lifting effect. (50-60 mins)

-European Facials: Healing, rejuvenating skin treatment that will deep cleanse your pores focusing on exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the skins surface and encourage new ones to emerge! This treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant!(50-60 mins)

-Mini Facial: The mini facial is designed to give you most of the benefits of a full facial but in less time. Treatment consists of a cleanse, exfoliation, toner, moisturizer and SPF (30 mins)

-Back Treatment: Back treatments are beneficial in cleansing the tough to reach spots! These treatments target clogged pores, dehydrated skin and back acne and are especially fitting during bathing suit season or if you wear a lot of low back attire. This service includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if needed.(50-60 mins)